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Why Socialize Your Puppy


Socializing your puppy is a critical and important part of their upbringing, offering many benefits that help them even beyond their puppy months. Continue reading

Hire Dog Trainer


Got a new puppy? Will you try to train him yourself or will you hire a professional dog trainer? Continue reading

Leash Train Puppy


One of the enjoyable things about having a puppy is being able to take him/her on walks. Whether they are just down the street or out in nature, you both can get a great deal of enjoyment and exercise from them…as long as your puppy is leash trained. Continue reading

Successful Puppy Training


Was there a new¬† puppy under your Christmas tree this year? They are so adorable and fun…but they are also a big responsibility. Not only do you need to feed and shelter them, but just as important, you need to train them. Continue reading

Naughty Puppy


You just got a new puppy, and he feels so out of control…why is he being so naughty? The real question is… Continue reading

Socialize Puppy


The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy Wow! The world is a great big place out there, filled with all kinds of people, things, noises and smells. Through the eyes of a young puppy, this could be quite overwhelming. Is it … Continue reading