What our customers think about us…

David M. from Kenmore, WA
Absolutely love this place! The staff is so friendly and they do an amazing job watching the dogs. They are extremely organized with their process of dropping off and picking up you puppy. You walk in the door to pick up your dog and they have already seen you parking and so by the time you walk in they have your dog ready for you to go home. The owner is great! She works a ton (just like any small business owner) and you know she cares about all of her clients and all of their dogs. Highly recommend!

Stefan P. from Seattle, WA
We’ve been with Bowwow for over 5 years, with 2 different pups- one very old senior and one youngster now coming up on 4 years (very spoiled-swimming fiends), have talked often with many of their extremely caring and resourceful staff and I can say without hesitation that this is THE best place to leave your companion, buddy or dog “child” if you prefer when you cannot be with them yourself and want them to be in a happy place when you’re away. The amount of attention, respect and all around playfulness of the personnel cannot be overstated. These folks will love your dog. They are a mom and pop business and very accountable with many amenities. It is clean, spacious and well lit from ‘bow to stern’. The owner is solid, compassionate and has made this a warm place to have in the dog community. This is coming from someone who actually uses their services and considers them an extension of our Fam by way of our pup- Happy every time// and tired out! Seriously, you can tell by the other people who bring their dogs. Good folks all the way around. I personally hope them success for many, many years! Hank’s (Dad) Person

Jane M. from Lynnwood, WA
I use Bow Wow Fun Towne for boarding and day care. My Staffie loves going to play with her friends there. The folks working there are great with dogs and you can tell they really love them. Mary works very hard to make everything as good as it can be for the dogs in her charge. My dog is very strong and high energy and I couldn’t have her in my life if I couldn’t drop her off at Bow wow to get her crazies out and have bath. She is returned to me clean and tired. Thank goodness for Bow wow!

Darci B. from Lynnwood, WA
My dog has been going to Bowwow Fun Towne for overnight stays for a few years. It’s a great place and my dog who is a little timid does great – I had him to daycare for the first time today and LOVE that they have cameras where I can check in on him. Now I know he had a great day. The sitters played with him and all the dogs.

Peter T. from Everett, WA
Stella recently stayed for 15 days after several ‘practice’ overnite stays.  We had her cleaned and nails clipped before we picked her up. She was glad to see us and was in great shape, had gained some muscle from all the play time with her friends. She slept soundly the first night home and took many naps the next day, she is now back to her normal 14 hours of sleep.  The owner, Mary, and Tony filled us in on how the dog was.  The staff at BW are great and seem to know the dogs well and care for them. I appreciate that there is always a person at BW, even overnight.

Cynthia L. from Seattle, WA
I’ve been taking our boxer to Bow Wow since she was a pup (over 5 years now). I can think of no better people or place to leave my dog. The staff is friendly, helpful, and professional. The place is clean and very well run by Mary, the owner. My dog has a blast in the pool (what an awesome perk to have). Mary and her staff really care about the dogs, interact with them and know each one well. Lucky to have found Bow Wow Fun Towne.

Michael G. from Seattle, WA
Mary is the most amazing owner. She loves her dogs, she loves her owners, and she works hard for us. Each dog is approached based on its personality. Ours is middle-sized, but is happier with the small dogs, so she hangs out with them. She’s so excited to go swimming, she can’t control herself, so they take appropriate steps so “everybody’s happy”. It’s not just that they are dog behavior experts, they love every dog like family. It seems like “no dog is a bad dog”. Loved like family and handled smartly–that’s what I want for my dog. Thank you, Mary, and to all your employees, who, to a person reflect your philosophy.

David F. from Kenmore, WA
They take alot of interest in the animals here and provide well for them. Willy loves playing with other dogs here although sometimes they break up the play too much… How do I know that??? There is a webcam you can use to watch your dog during his/her stay. Not sure they have updated to support MACs yet. Haven’t tried the overnight boarding yet, but Willy loves going for day care. He can hardly wait to get inside. OKay they got the MAC webcam configuration set up and it took me less than 5 minutes to get it running! awesome!

Linda M. from Kenmore, WA
LOVE this place. My golden retrievers favorite place to go swimming. Big warm pool. lots of fun.… LOVE this place. My golden retrievers favorite place to go swimming. Big warm pool. lots of fun. Great staff.

Gina C. from Fremont, CA
I, and my beagle, love Bow Wow! The staff are amazing! They all know Graham well and all of his fussy and fun quirks. They are in-tune with his moods and encourage him to socialize instead of laying on the cot all the time. Mary is especially amazing! She has stayed open late a couple of times to allow us to get our little boy after a long trip or from being stuck in traffic. She has given us Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Years and Graham Birthday gifts! Mary and the whole team really love their Bow Wow customers. The place is great, they have an amazing pool and a super store!! The webcam is addicting and the pictures on Facebook are absolutely priceless! We love that Graham is a Bow Wow Fun Towne citizen!!!

A.F. from Bothell, WA
We’ve been bringing our dog here since they opened. It’s a primarily a place for your doggie to play, swim and socialize in a safe, well supervised area… grooming is just a extra benefit if you want to throw that in while they are there, but it’s is not what they are all about. Maybe bring your dog to a groomer if that’s truly all you are looking for. Mary and the staff are wonderful… they are busy playing with the dogs and taking them to the pool, and even the park so yes… sometimes their phone will ring with nobody to answer it. Doesn’t bother me, because I know they are taking care of the pups. Our dog was a puppy when she started going and Mary did a great job helping our dog (and us) to acclimate quickly. Our dog loves it because she can sense that we love it… so she looks forward to going once a week. Their live web cams are great if you want to watch your dog play. Best thing is? They come home pooped and sleep soundly! I really don’t care if Mary or anyone else there is a “people” person or not… they are definitely dog people, and it shows. Personally, I get it and like them for what they do and how they do it.

Katie R. from Seattle, WA
This place is so fun! Very clean, and the pool is HUGE! We had the place to ourselves for about an hour. I think it was the owner who helped my dog figure out the ramp– she was so nice. We will be back. Thank you!! I’m sorry my dog pretty much soaked you!

Letha F. from Seattle, WA
How fabulous can it get? A big doggie swimming pool, deep enough that dogs really swim, with a ramp for easy/safe exit. That’s one aspect of this fun place. Next there’s the dog wash stations where you can scrub your own pup. They even provide towels, aprons, ear cleaner, a wide variety of shampoos, and a tear-free face wash… and they clean up after you, woo! Then there is the indoor/outdoor play zone for daycare, where I watched pups play. One dog was barking a little but the others ignored her. Everyone was doing their thing, some snoozing, some playing. And of course they were supervised. It was a happy scene. I have no need for daycare at this time in my life but I will definitely use Bowwow if that changes in the future. One of the gals there dog sat for me a few times a while back and did an outstanding job with my 3 boys. So it’s great to have someone I trust there.

Shane M from Lynnwood, WA
Really great self serve dog washing stations – which is what we come here for once in a while. They do day care, boarding, and they have an indoor swimming pool. We don’t use those services – my dogs don’t swim and I take them with us for the most part. The tubs are great. You can walk around them. Good water pressure. Good products available. Good dryers. Large and open room. Pretty doggone inexpensive, too. You can get in, get er done, and get out really fast. No hassles. Friendly people work there, too. This is a good between hair cut appointment place where I don’t have to clean up one of the tubs at home. My pups hate baths and are pretty messy Puginese.

Jennifer A. from Kenmore, WA
I’ve taken the fur kid here several times now for her nail clippings. She’s an 80lb whimpering, frantic beast when you pull out the nail clippers so we always need professional help. The staff here has always gotten us in and out pretty quickly and does an amazing job cutting Daisy’s nails, despite her wiggles and protests. The rest of the space looks pretty amazing. Large, indoor (heated?) pool for the doggies to go swimming. Giant, walk-in tubs for bathing your big dogs (this is great compared to the places where I have to coax my 80lb scary-cat of a dog up a ramp and into the wash area). Even though we just get her nails clipped, they’ve let us use the ear cleaner and face soap to clean up her ears and drolly jowls.

Henry J. from Kenmore, WA
Sometimes you just don’t know how good something is until you have a comparison. I have been taking my pup here for almost two years. I swim him for an hour and then do the self wash. About once a month I also have them clip his nails (way cheaper than the vet). I go here because it’s close to the house and the facility works. Or at least those were my thoughts until I was in Portland for the weekend and had to take the fur baby to a place down there. The whole place stunk of dog pee and their tiny pool had so much chlorine that my eyes were burning. Back to my review, Bow Wow is amazing in comparison. The facility is very clean. The pool is huge and actually has little to no chemicals. The self wash tubs are excellent and they have all sorts of product on hand as part of the wash. About 15 different dog shampoos, ear cleaner, facial cleaner. They provide towels, wash clothes, and the blower vacuum has attachment heads that actually blow out hair as they are supposed to.

Tanner H. from Edmonds, WA
LOVE THIS PLACE! I bring my dogs here not only to socialize them also when they need to be washed and groomed! Mary the owner is fantastic! They also have in indoor pool for the pups!

Anissa V. from Seattle, WA
Like most who take their beloved family members to doggy daycare, my biggest concern is for my dogs safety, the knowledge, expertise, caring and compassion of the staff. I would absolutely NEVER leave my dog with anyone I do not think is the absolute very BEST. They love my dog, they know her behavior and personality very well, her independent needs, etc. They are very loving and attentive with all of their ‘citizens’. The daycare has great energy to it. I love talking with the staff; they are all very very happy there. They take the time to talk with you and really pay individual attention to the customers/moms and dad’s concerns and needs. They also don’t take their eyes off of the dogs at anytime. I have not seen happier dogs at doggie daycare. The space is perfect. They have plenty of room, toys, etc. and it is extremely clean. I just know that when I leave my girl with them everyday, she has the best time ever, she has the BEST CARE ever and she is very loved by the staff. She comes home exhausted, can’t wait to go back in the morning. I trust all of them completely with my girl. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. In fact, I am planning on moving to Mukilteo and I will drive way out of my way to make sure my dog stays with Bow Wow Fun Towne. 🙂

Peter T. from Everett, WA
I have been bringing my scared 50lb rescue dog to Bow Wow to socialize and encourage ‘proper’ behavior around other dogs. It has been a total success and her interaction with other dogs away from Bow Wow is hugely improved. She excited when we show up at BowWow and goes right in. After an afternoon at Bow Wow she is exhausted for a day after. Next is overnight stays

Christopher H. from Kirkland, WA
My best friend Kyndle loves this place! Mary and her staff are all great. I always feel like Kyndle gets the best care and boarding services each and every time she visits Bow Wow. Check’em out.