Human Food Good For Dog


So often we hear, don’t give human food to your dog, it’s not good for him…

As dog owners, we always want to provide the best care for our furry companions, and their food plays a crucial role in their overall health and well-being. Let’s check out some of the nutritious nibbles that are safe for your dog, and good for him to eat. Continue reading

Games To Train Dog


Training your dog is not just about their safety, well-being  and developing good behavior, but you can also have fun and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. Continue reading

Teaching Dog Impulse Control


Welcoming a new dog, old or young, into your home is undoubtedly a exciting time, but there are also a fair share of challenges…one of which is teaching your dog impulse control. Continue reading

Dog Ownership Health Benefits


In a world that constantly challenges our well-being, the companionship of a great dog can make a world of difference. Beyond the joy and love they bring, dogs offer a many health benefits that you may not have considered… Continue reading

Resolutions For You And Your Dog


New Year’s Resolutions For You And Your Dog This year’s resolution: Exercise more… by running out of excuses.” – author unknown New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for humans—they can also be great for your dog as well as a great … Continue reading

Dogs and Holidays

Safety Tips for Dogs - BowWow Fun Towne

Many people like including their dogs during the holiday festivities…and although this is a fun idea, there are some things that could prove hazardous to your “best friend”.

As you look around your home, be aware of Continue reading