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Games To Train Dog


Training your dog is not just about their safety, well-beingĀ  and developing good behavior, but you can also have fun and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. Continue reading

Teaching Dog Impulse Control


Welcoming a new dog, old or young, into your home is undoubtedly a exciting time, but there are also a fair share of challenges…one of which is teaching your dog impulse control. Continue reading

Introduce New Cat To Your Dog


Will your dog stand up and take notice if you bring home a new cat?
Bringing a new cat into your home when you already have a dog can be an interesting experience, one that requires careful planning and patience. Continue reading

Reinforce Dog Obedience


You’ve spent countless hours training your dog…he seems like he’s got it all down pat…but are you really finished? Continue reading

Well Trained Dog


A well-trained dog is a necessity, not a luxury.” – unknown Just like humans forget things, your pup can also forget his manners and some of the other things he’s been taught…then what do you do? Continue reading

Afraid Dog


Just like people, it’s not uncommon for dogs to have fears, things or situations they are afraid of. They could be afraid of noises, situations, people or a variety of different things. In some situations, a little fear is an okay thing, but… Continue reading