Puppy Potty Training

Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy

SweetPuppies-BowWowFunTowneYour new puppy doesn’t come already equipped with all the skills that you’d like him/her to have, many of them require some training, and potty training is one of them.

Many new puppy owners dread this part of having a new puppy. In fact, many people get so frustrated with the process and with the “accidents”, that they may return the dog or take him to a shelter. But you don’t need to dread potty training, you need to develop a plan, be consistent and be patient.

Things to remember about your puppy that will help with potty training:

Puppies have very small bladders, so they will need to empty them at short intervals

GermanSherpherdPuppy-BowWowFunTowneWhen they are young, puppies are able to control their bladder for about 60 minutes, and as they get older they can hold it longer. Keep this in mind, and don’t wait too long to take your puppy out to his “special place”.

Puppies (like human children) thrive on established routines and schedules

Keeping baby fido on a feeding schedule is very helpful…feed him at specific times during the day, and remove the food from his reach in between times. Eating inspires puppies to go potty, so if they’re eating at will throughout the day, there will be many opportunities for accidents.

Always take your puppy to the same specific spot where you would like him to eliminate. He will quickly learn what is expected of him. (his scent will remind him of what to do and where to do it.) Use the same reminder phrase each time, such as “go potty”, while he is in the process of actually going potty. This phrase will become a reminder for the future when you want him to go on his own.

Playfulpuppies-BowWowFunTowneThe best time to take your puppy out is first thing in the morning, after they eat, play, wakes from a nap and just before bedtime. Otherwise, every hour unless you can see that an hour is too long to wait.

Puppies love praise and treats

Don’t take your puppy’s successes for granted. During the training process, stay with him, that way you are right there to give him praise for a job well done, possibly accompanied by a treat. Take the treat outside with you so you can reward him immediately.

On the other hand, if there is an accident in the house, and there will be, avoid scolding him. Don’t make a big issue of it, clean up the mess thoroughly and use a cleaner that will remove the scent to avoid that place from becoming the place in the future. While your dog is young, keep an eye on him as much as possible, and if you catch him in the act, get him outside quickly. Then if there is success, don’t forget the praise and treats. Keep it all as positive as possible.

Puppies typically will not “go potty” close to where they sleep

Have your puppy consistently sleep in the same place… His mom kept his surroundings clean of waste when he was tiny, so he will look for areas to go that are far from where he sleeps. If he starts sniffing around far from his sleeping area, take that as a signal that he needs to go out.

How long will potty training take?

It’s different for every dog. But the more positive you make it for him, the easier it will be for him and the more pleasant it will be for you.

Enjoy this great video for more potty training tips:

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