Spaying and Neutering Facts

Get the Facts About Spaying or Neutering Your Dog

DogSpaying-BowWowFunTowneThere are thousands of dogs of all types and all ages that are euthanized each year in shelters because they are unwanted. There are also thousands who are abandoned and left on their own for the same reason. (I’ve seen people move to a new home, and leave their dog behind to survive on his own.) This is no way to treat “Man’s Best Friend.

If there was no other reason than unwanted dogs, spaying and neutering would be a good idea, but there are are other reasons that are very beneficial…

Why Spay or Neuter Your Dog?

It fights overpopulation which in turn helps lowers the number of euthanized dogs and unplanned litters from accidental pregnancies, which would leave you with several pups to care for and to find good homes for.

It’s good for your dog’s health…

  • A neutered male dog cannot develop testicular cancer and a spayed female dog’s risk of breast cancer is greatly reduced.
  • A spayed female is less likely to get a uterine infection.
  • A neutered male dog’s chance of developing a hernia is decreased.

It’s good for behavior…

  • DogsLessAggressive-BowWowFunTowneNeutered male dogs are less likely to…
    •  feel the need to get out and roam, looking for the female in heat – they will go to great lengths to get to her
    • mark their territory by urinating on places and things (usually your things)
    • be aggressive toward other male dogs
  • Spayed female dogs…
    •  will not attract roaming males.
    • will not go into heat (which, if they are unspayed they will do about twice a year for 10 days each time)

Frequently asked questions…

Q. Will spaying or neutering cause my dog to get fat?

A. No…if a dog gets fat and lazy, it’s usually because of bad eating habits and lack of exercise.

Q. Should my female dog have at least one litter before being spayed?

A. No. It’s recommended that you spay your pup before she goes into her first heat. She will be younger which typically leads to an easier surgery. Also, spaying before the first heat helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Q. When is it OK to spay or neuter my dog?

A. A good rule of thumb is at least 8 weeks old as long as they weigh at least 2 pounds, but you can wait up to 5-6 months. To be on the safe side, always call your vet to see what their recommendation is.

Q. PasadosSafeHaven=BowWowFunTowneWhat if I can’t afford the procedure, I’ve heard it can be expensive?

A. There are low cost clinics and services that are located around the country. In the Seattle, WA area you can contact your local Humane Society or Pasado’s Safe Haven.

Another good reason to have your dog spayed or neutered is that if you plan on enrolling him/her in a dog day care, it will be required

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