Service Dogs

Service Dogs Are More Than Just Pets, They Are Freedom!

ServiceDog-BowWowFunTowneDogs have been called “Man’s best friend” it seems like since the beginning of time. But service dogs are more than just pets or friends, they are companions, they can be someone’s eyes or ears, or even their stress reliever. They are amazing animals that have been well-trained to serve and assist someone with disabilities, physical or emotional.

Because they are critical support for “their human”, these wonderful dogs can accompany their owner about anywhere they choose or need to go. I’ve seen them in restaurants, at church, in motels, on planes or in the workplace. As long as the dog is as well-behaved as it has been trained to be, most business owners have no complaint about the dog’s presence, but are understanding of the circumstances.

There are probably many people who could use a service dog in their life, but are unaware of the various types of service they can give.

Services that service dogs perform…

Service dogs today are much more than the seeing eye dogs of yesterday, they are trained to offer a wide variety of assistance, they give their owner the freedom to live their life. They offer help for:

  • The hearing impaired – they alert their owner of such things as smoke alarms, door bells, or alarm clocks
  • People with critical medical concerns – they are trained to help the diabetic who could experience low blood sugar, or the person who has epilepsy and could have a seizure.
  • People who experience psychiatric disorders such as PTSD or extreme anxiety – they are trained to sense nightmares and awaken their owner, .
  • They help people with mobility issues – they can be trained to pull a wheelchair, pick up objects, open doors, or retrieve needed items.

Common breeds used for service.

When a dog is being considered for training as a service dog, their temperament, trainability, health, physical stamina and structure are all key elements. Some dogs that qualify in all these areas are admitted to service dog training, complete the course, but may not pass the requirements at the end of the course. These dogs shoulder a lot of responsibility and need to fit all the criteria for their specific training in order to “wear the vest”.

GermanShepherdServiceDot-BowWowFunTowneAlthough many different breeds are and can be chosen for training, some of the most popular are:

  • German Shepherds
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Standard Poodles

When you are approaching a service dog, remember, the dog is probably on duty, and it’s better if they are not disturbed or distracted. Before giving any attention to the service dogs, or any dog for that matter, it would be wise to ask permission of the owner.

Enjoy this FOX NEWS video that talks about providing Wounded Warriors with Service Dogs

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