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Introduce a Dog and Cat


Maybe you already share your home with a dog, but you’d really like a cat too, or maybe it’s just the opposite…you already have a cat that allows you to live in your home, but you would also love to have a dog. Is it even possible to introduce one or the other and maintain the peace? Continue reading

Dog Illnesses


Your dog, like you, can become ill…but unlike you, he/she can’t verbally tell you that she’s not feeling well, is in pain or is just feeling under the weather. It’s really up to you to be observant, by being aware of some of the symptoms and signs that your dog is not feeling well. Continue reading

Dog Collars


Let’s talk about one of the key components to having a good walk with our dog…making sure you have the right collar for the right dog – no dog should be without one. Without a collar, where would you hang your dog’s licence and ID tags? Continue reading

Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog should be easy enough, just clip on the leash and off you go. Shouldn’t that be all there is to it?

Believe it or not, there are right ways and there are wrong ways to walk you dog. Continue reading

Dogs Swimming


Swimming is a great activity for you and your dog…it’s fun, it’s great exercise and it helps cool you off during warmer weather. But will your dog need to be taught how to swim, or does it just come naturally? Continue reading

Service Dogs


Dogs have been called “Man’s best friend” it seems like since the beginning of time. But service dogs are more than just pets or friends, they are companions, they can be someone’s eyes or ears, or even their stress reliever. They are amazing animals that have been well-trained to serve and assist someone with disabilities. Continue reading