Truth About Dogs

What They Say About Dogs…Truth or Fiction?

TruthAboutDogs-BowWowFunTowneWhether you call them old wives tales, myths, misconceptions, legends or just plain fiction, there are a lot stories, or not so true “facts” out there about dogs…If you have a dog, and if you believe these myths and act on them, you could be acting on bad advice. If you don’t own a dog, these stories could change your mind about getting a dog, which would be sad, because a dog can be your best friend and partner.

There’s a great story that demonstrates what I’m talking about, that everything you hear may not be a fact, it may just be something that has been passed down through the years:

There was a young wife, that every time she cooked a roast, she cut off the ends. Her husband finally asked her about why she did that and she said “Because my mother did.” So he asked his wife’s mother why she did that, and she said, “Because my mother did.” So then he asked the grandmother why she cut the ends off her roasts before cooking them, and she said, “Because I had a small roasting pan and the roasts were always too large.”

Some of the “facts” we hear don’t give us true understanding, so let’s get to the truth. Is what you heard…

Truth or Fiction?

Fiction: Your dog’s age: People forever have said that a dog ages 7 years to every 1 year of a human, this is one of the most common myths out there…

Fact: It’s actually more complicated than that, it depends on the breed, the size and the genetics…The AKC has a general guideline to calculate your dog’s age.

Fiction: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”: As people age, they get set in their ways, but not necessarily dogs…

Fact: As long as your dog is in good health, you can, and should, continue to teach him new tricks, it will keep his mind sharp and will continue to give him skills of discipline. Sometimes it just takes a little motivation, like a favorite treat, and a little practice.

Fiction: You should spay your female dog after she has had her first litter of pups: 

Fact: Unless your goal is to breed your dog, a female should be spayed before she reaches 6 months of age. If you have any questions about this, you should talk to your vet. Spaying your dog has health benefits as well, one of which is helping to eliminate the risk of her getting breast cancer.

DogsColorblind-BowWowFunTowneFiction: Dogs are totally colorblind only seeing in black and white…

Fact: While your pup may not see all the colors of the rainbow, there are some colors they can tell the difference between, such as yellow and blue, but there are other colors such as red and green that only appear as shades of grey.

Fiction: When a dog eats grass, it means he is sick…

Fact: The best reason your dog may be eating grass is because he likes the taste. And as long as there aren’t any chemicals on your lawn, and he has had his vaccinations, it should be ok.

Fiction: You need to teach your dog that you are the leader of the pack, the “alpha”…

Fact: Teaching your dog using the theory of dominance is an old theory. Good training isn’t about pulling rank, but rather about building good relationships using positive techniques, praise and rewards.

DogsCleanMouth-BowWowFunTowneFiction: My dog’s mouth is cleaner than mine…

Fact: Oh, so wrong! A dog explores his world with his nose and mouth, if he’s not sniffing it, he’s tasting it…I can’t even imagine what has crossed his lips! But don’t panic if you get a little canine “kiss” on occasion, they’re fairly harmless.

Fiction: If your dog has an accident, rub his nose in it…

Fact: You will seldom catch your dog in the “act”, so rubbing your dog’s nose in it, is very ineffective, he really won’t connect the act with the consequence. Your best bet is to take him out frequently, and if you do happen to catch him, take him promptly to where he should go.

DogsWetNose-BowWowFuTowneFiction: If Your dog’s dog’s nose is warm and dry, he’s not feeling well…

Fact: Your dog’s nose can be warm or dry for several reasons, from anything to taking a nap to dry air…although, if his nose is always dry, running or cracked, it may be wise to visit your vet.

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