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Why Socialize Your Puppy


Socializing your puppy is a critical and important part of their upbringing, offering many benefits that help them even beyond their puppy months. Continue reading

Well Trained Dog


A well-trained dog is a necessity, not a luxury.” – unknown Just like humans forget things, your pup can also forget his manners and some of the other things he’s been taught…then what do you do? Continue reading

Socialize Puppy


The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy Wow! The world is a great big place out there, filled with all kinds of people, things, noises and smells. Through the eyes of a young puppy, this could be quite overwhelming. Is it … Continue reading

Dog Training Mistakes


Is your dog training going as well as you hoped? If not, maybe you’re making some of these common dog training mistakes, and you’ll need to make some changes. Continue reading

Dog Agression vs Playing


Dogs love to wrestle, play tug, growl, and chase each other…it’s how they have fun, but that can also look a lot like what they do when they are angry…can you tell whether they are having fun or whether they are exhibiting aggression? Continue reading

Truth About Dogs


Whether you call them old wives tales, myths, misconceptions, legends or just plain fiction, there are a lot stories or not so true “facts” out there about dogs… Continue reading