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Healthy Dog


It isn’t difficult for your dog to come into contact with infected animals or airborne diseases, and if they aren’t vaccinated, they are left vulnerable to illness that will attack their immune, respiratory or gastrointestinal systems. What vaccinations does your dog need? Continue reading

Truth About Dogs


Whether you call them old wives tales, myths, misconceptions, legends or just plain fiction, there are a lot stories or not so true “facts” out there about dogs… Continue reading

Successful Visits to the Veterinarian


You take Fido to the Veterinarian for a few different reasons, routine checkups, to prevent health issues, or to treat health issues. These visits, even the routine checkups, aren’t always easy, for you or your dog, in fact, it can be stressful. Here are a few ideas to make those visits less stressful and more successful. Continue reading

Vaccinate Your Dog


Just as there different opinions on whether or not to vaccinate children, there are varying opinions on whether or not you should vaccinate your dogs…in fact it’s a highly debated topic. Continue reading