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Resolutions For You And Your Dog


New Year’s Resolutions For You And Your Dog This year’s resolution: Exercise more… by running out of excuses.” – author unknown New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for humans—they can also be great for your dog as well as a great … Continue reading

Introduce New Cat To Your Dog


Will your dog stand up and take notice if you bring home a new cat?
Bringing a new cat into your home when you already have a dog can be an interesting experience, one that requires careful planning and patience. Continue reading

Naughty Puppy


You just got a new puppy, and he feels so out of control…why is he being so naughty? The real question is… Continue reading

Socialize Puppy


The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy Wow! The world is a great big place out there, filled with all kinds of people, things, noises and smells. Through the eyes of a young puppy, this could be quite overwhelming. Is it … Continue reading

Dog Scooting


Whether you have a dog or not, probably just about everyone has seen a dog scoot his/her bottom across the floor…and if its your dog, and you’re with someone, you’re probably a little embarrassed. But you shouldn’t be, you should recognize that it could indicate that your dog may have a problem… Continue reading

Dog Walking Etiquette


Just as some people neglect teaching their kids good etiquette when out in  public, some dog owners neglect to teach their dog about good etiquette when they take their pup out for a walk. In fact, some dog owners fail to learn the simple ground rules of walking their dog for themselves, so how could they teach their dog? What are the ground rules? Continue reading