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Truth About Dogs


Whether you call them old wives tales, myths, misconceptions, legends or just plain fiction, there are a lot stories or not so true “facts” out there about dogs… Continue reading

Dog Attacks


Unfortunately, not all dogs are created equally kind, gentle and obedient, and not all dog owners are created responsible.
When your dog is about to be, or is attacked by another dog is a scary thing! Even if you see it coming, it happens so quickly there isn’t much time to react, and even if there’s time, what should you do? Continue reading

Dog Exercise

There are many facets to being a good, responsible dog owner. They need to be fed properly, given plenty of water to keep them healthy and hydrated, kept clean, loved, played with, trained, and one of the most important, they need to be exercised. Continue reading

12th Pup Spirit Contest

Are you ready for the results? It was exciting to see the entire 12th Pup. They truly showed their spirit. Continue reading

Barking Dog

Barking Dog - BowWow Fun Towne

It never fails…if the doorbell rings, if a neighbor walks down the street, if you let him/her outside, if you leave the house, and many other “ifs” too numerous to mention…the dog starts barking.

Noisy dogs have started many neighborhood disputes that cause Continue reading

Home Alone Dog

Dog Home Alone - BowWow Fun Towne

Have you ever wondered what goes on at home while you’re away? Do you think your dog just lays around, chews on his “tug” toy and patiently awaits your return? That’s probably not what’s happening! Continue reading