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How Important is Water for Your Dog’s Care?

Thirsty Dog - BowWow Fun TowneHow often do you give your dog fresh drinking water? How often do you clean your dog’s water bowl? Regularly? Periodically? If and when you think about it?

Your dog licks all kinds of dirty and unmentionable things, so how important is clean water in a clean bowl?

The real question is: How much do you care for your dog?

Clean water is essential to your dog’s good health, and in order for water to be truly clean, the water bowl must be clean also. But many people either neglect or don’t understand that if the water bowl isn’t cleaned daily, it can develop bacteria that thrives on the slimy film developing in the bottom of the bowl…bacteria that can make your dog ill:

  • Kidney problems
  • urinary tract problems
  • gastrointestinal problems

Dogs are just like we are in the fact that their bodies are mostly made up of water, so just like us, plenty of fresh water to stay hydrated is absolutely essential, in fact even more essential than food. Water is part of their healthy diet.

Did you know your dog may actually avoid water that isn’t clean? They can tell if the water is dirty or is contaminated. Also, “stale” water becomes depleted not only of the natural nutrients, but also of oxygen…these are vital to a healthy dog.

How does water help your dog?

  • Dogs Drink Water - BowWow Fun TowneWater carries nutrients to the various parts of your dog’s body
  • It helps your dog maintain a proper body temperature
  • I helps with your dog’s movements as it lubricates the joints
  • Without water to keep your dog hydrated, his/her organs may become damaged and could begin to shut down
  • Water helps with digestion
  • Water helps eliminate toxins from your dog’s body
  • It moves oxygen through the body
  • Water helps your dog pick up scents, by keeping the nose wet.

Signs That Your Dog is Dehydrated

If your dog has not been drinking enough water, he will start to show some of the following signs:

  • Check your dog’s mouth – Look for dry or pale gums
  • Check their eyes – They may appear dry or sunken
  • Check the nose – It may also be dry
  • There is also a way to check their skin – Carefully lift a small fold of the loose skin above the shoulders, and then let it go…a healthy dog’s skin will quickly return to its original place, whereas an ill or dehydrated dog’s skin will not return quickly and may even  remain up for a while.

Dogs Play in Water - BowWow Fun TowneWhen you bring your “best friend” to BowWow Fun Towne, we make sure your dog is given plenty of fresh clean water, not just to drink, but also to play in. We’ll love your dog almost as much as you do.

At BowWow Fun Towne, we are experts in dog day care. We are dedicated to assisting you and providing the best care for your dog while you’re away.

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