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Puppy Potty Training


Your new puppy doesn’t come already equipped with all the skills that you’d like him/her to have, many of them require some training, and potty training is one of them. Continue reading

Vaccinate Your Dog


Just as there different opinions on whether or not to vaccinate children, there are varying opinions on whether or not you should vaccinate your dogs…in fact it’s a highly debated topic. Continue reading

Puppy Springtime Safety


For many of you, this isn’t the first time you’ve gotten a new puppy, but for many others it’s your first experience. Getting a new “best friend” comes with a lot of responsibility, and because you care, you will want to put safety at the top of your list. So, whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or not, these springtime safety tips might help you avoid an avoidable accident with your new pup. Continue reading

Socializing Puppies


So you have a new puppy in your home…how fun! This puppy will grow to be a very much enjoyed and loved part of your family. You will want your puppy to become a calm well adjusted dog that other people and dogs will enjoy as much as you do. This is an aspect of your puppy’s life that doesn’t always come naturally. That is why it’s so important to socialize your puppy so he/she will fit into and feel comfortable in the world in which they now live. Continue reading