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Dog Urine vs Your Lawn


Let’s face it…we love our dogs, but we certainly don’t like what they do to our lawns. Going “potty” on the lawn is turning it spotted brown – but what’s a dog gonna do? You can’t really expect them to stay off the lawn altogether. Continue reading

Potty Trained Dog Accidents


After spending all that time potty training your dog when he was a pup, now, years later, he’s starting to have accidents in the house…what is going on? Continue reading

Dog Behaviors


Your dog does what? Because why?

Over the years, many false assumptions have been made by dog owners about why dogs behave the way they do…and because your dog doesn’t “talk human”, you can only guess what he/she means when he behaves a certain way. So, you believe what you’ve heard from other dog owners, and chances are, it is either a misconception or a myth. Continue reading

Vaccinate Your Dog


Just as there different opinions on whether or not to vaccinate children, there are varying opinions on whether or not you should vaccinate your dogs…in fact it’s a highly debated topic. Continue reading

Dog Day Care


You think of your dog as a member of your family, mainly because he/she actually is, but more importantly, because you love him. That’s why when you need to leave him alone for several hours on a daily or regular basis, you feel guilty. Why? Continue reading