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Games To Train Dog


Training your dog is not just about their safety, well-beingĀ  and developing good behavior, but you can also have fun and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. Continue reading

Dog Park Safety


More and more people are using dog parks as places their dogs can have an off leash outing, where they can socialize with other dogs, and where they can just have fun and exercise. Continue reading

Dog Agression vs Playing


Dogs love to wrestle, play tug, growl, and chase each other…it’s how they have fun, but that can also look a lot like what they do when they are angry…can you tell whether they are having fun or whether they are exhibiting aggression? Continue reading

Off Leash Dog Park Etiquette


Taking your pooch for an afternoon at the local off leash dog park can be a lot of fun….but there’s always the chance that someone will come, not only bringing their dog, but also bringing bad habits, inconsideration for others, and just plain bad dog park etiquette. Sometimes these condition can even lead to injuries. Continue reading

Dogs Swimming


Swimming is a great activity for you and your dog…it’s fun, it’s great exercise and it helps cool you off during warmer weather. But will your dog need to be taught how to swim, or does it just come naturally? Continue reading

Dogs Playing


Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to tell if your dog, or any dog, is playing and having fun, or if they’re being aggressive and getting too rough. Do you break them up or let the activity continue?

When dogs play, they rough house, it’s how they play with their humans as well as other dogs, and sometimes that rough housing looks a little too rough, when in fact it’s it’s all in good fun. Continue reading