Dogs Bad Breath

What’s Up With Your Dog’s Bad Breath?

DogBreath-BowWowFunTowneThe last time you got up close and personal with your dog, was his breath more than you could take?

A dog’s breath typically isn’t minty fresh…at best, it smells like “dog breath”. But what if fido’s breath is beyond its typical smell, what if it smells really bad and continues to do so day after day? Is there something for you to be concerned about?

The fact is that dogs, like humans can get halitosis, a condition that is caused by bacteria that builds up in the mouth, the stomach or the lungs. This bacteria can be caused by a number of factors:

  • If your dog is young, it could simply be that he’s teething.
  • It can be caused by whatever your furry friend is taking into his/her mouth. Dogs are not always picky about the things they eat…they could be scavenging from garbage cans, smelly food, or even feces. (one dog we know of used to eat from the cat’s liter box, gross!)
  • There could be something stuck in his teeth (old food or hair).
  • It could be an indicator of dental or gum disease.
  • It could mean he has a gastrointestinal problem or a metabolic disease.

Keep in mind, although it’s not the only indicator,  your dog’s breath is like a snapshot of your dog’s health.

How can you help your dog have better smelling breath?

  • Just like you, your dog’s teeth need to be brushed regularly. This is a task that many dog owners either put off or don’t think about, but it’s extremely important for good oral health.
  • Give your dog hard and safety tested chew toys that will help clean his teeth just by chewing.
  • Your dog’s diet could be the cause of stinky breath, so make sure the food you buy for him is healthy, high quality and easily digested. Dry dog food or hard dog biscuits are great for cleaning teeth.
  • There are dog treats available on the market that are intended to help improve bad breath.

BadDogBreath-BowWowFunTowneWhat more should you do?

These are all good preventative things to do, but they are not a substitute for taking your dog to the vet on a regular basis, 1-2 times a year where he can receive a complete physical which will include an oral exam. Having his teeth cleaned professionally on a yearly basis is a great, preventative thing you can do.

If your dog’s breath smells bad on a regular basis, don’t put off taking him to the vet, there could be a medical problem that should be treated right away to avoid greater health issues down the road.

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