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Dog Body Language


Dogs may not communicate with you with words, but if you understand it, their body language can tell you a lot about what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling. Continue reading

Dog Agression vs Playing


Dogs love to wrestle, play tug, growl, and chase each other…it’s how they have fun, but that can also look a lot like what they do when they are angry…can you tell whether they are having fun or whether they are exhibiting aggression? Continue reading

Stressed Dog


Oh to live a dog’s life…no worries, no cares…What might surprise you is that just like people, dogs can experience stress in their lives – the difference is you won’t ever hear them tell you they are stressed, so how will you know? Continue reading

Successful Visits to the Veterinarian


You take Fido to the Veterinarian for a few different reasons, routine checkups, to prevent health issues, or to treat health issues. These visits, even the routine checkups, aren’t always easy, for you or your dog, in fact, it can be stressful. Here are a few ideas to make those visits less stressful and more successful. Continue reading

Dog Attacks


Unfortunately, not all dogs are created equally kind, gentle and obedient, and not all dog owners are created responsible.
When your dog is about to be, or is attacked by another dog is a scary thing! Even if you see it coming, it happens so quickly there isn’t much time to react, and even if there’s time, what should you do? Continue reading