Successful Visits to the Veterinarian

What Makes a Successful Visit to the Veterinarian?

PuppyandVet-BowWowFunTowneYou take Fido to the Veterinarian for a few different reasons,well-puppy visits, routine checkups, to prevent health issues, or to treat health issues.

These visits, even the routine checkups, aren’t always easy for you or your dog, in fact, they can be stressful. It can sometimes take a bit of effort just to get there…so you will want to make that effort well worth your time.

Start your visit off right by being prepared:

  • It should be common sense to make an appointment, but not for some people who will just show up…this is a bad idea and poor manners. Also, make it a point to be at your appointment on time
  • When you call for your appointment be clear about what the need for the visit is, so they can allow the proper amount of time, and be prepared to perform an exam, administer vaccinations and/or discuss any concerns you might have.
  • Find out what may need to be done in preparation for your appointment…should your dog be fasting or will there be a stool or urine sample needed.

Keeping your dog calm:

Because there are strange smells, noises, and animal and human strangers, going to the vet can be stressful or frightening for your dog. These are a few tips to help keep him/her calm…

  • Take Fido for a walk, play with him or give him some type of exercise before you leave for your appointment. Not only will this help burn off energy, but it will also “inspire” him to go potty first which will help avoid an in-office accident.
  • CatsInKennel-BowWowFunTowneIf possible, take your pet to his appointment in a carrier. This will give him a sense of security, keep him safe from other pets, and give him a place to rest and sleep if he isn’t feeling well.
  • Don’t let him roam throughout the waiting room, this can be annoying to other people and patients. Keep him on a leash…at your feet, by your side, or if he is small enough, keep him on your lap. You may also want to keep him on your lap once you’re inside the exam room to keep him comfortable and feeling secure.
  • If your dog has aggressive tendencies, let them know at the time of scheduling, there are safe ways they can work with your dog.
  • You can also bring there favorite toy to chew on or bring their mat to put on the examining table
  • If your dog has never gone to the vet, or is afraid of going to the veterinarian, make several practice visits where you can go in, get some treats from the vet’s receptionist, sniff around the waiting room, get on the scale and then leave.

During your visit…

  • Be prepared to share your dog’s health history, this includes past health problems and surgeries, past and current meds, and vaccinations. If necessary, write these things down for completeness and accuracy.
  • Know the type and brand of food your dog eats. Also let them know if your dog eats human food, and how much.
  • OlderDogAndVet-BowWowFunTowneIf you are confused at something your vet is saying, ask for an explanation and don’t feel dumb for doing so.
  • Make sure you communicate all of your concerns about your dog, the visit, the diagnosis or the treatment.
  • If your visit is due to a medical condition, make sure you leave with a plan, and make sure it’s written down so you won’t forget any instructions. Then be sure to follow through with the instructions.
  • Stay calm…you’re setting the tone for your dog’s behavior too.
  • As long as it’s okay for your dog to eat before his exam, bring a few treats to reward him for good behavior.
As you take Fido to the vet frequently for regular checkups, the visits should become more and more relaxed as he becomes more familiar with the process.

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