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Tips For Removing Mats From Your Dog’s Coat

Snarls, tangles, mats, knots, whatever you call them, they’re ugly and difficult to deal with. And what’s even worse…they harbor fleas!

One family I know had a beautiful Sheltie, with a long beautiful coat…but during the summer, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get rid of the dog’s fleas – even if the tight mats were cut away, parts remained that offered the fleas a safe place to exist and reproduce.

So mats are a real problem, not just an eyesore and irritation.

The best advice I can give you is:

Prevent them from getting started the in first place…

Certain dogs are more prone to mats than others, if your dog has a short, straight coat, you probably have nothing to worry about, but if your dog has long, mid-length, straight or curly hair, these tips will help you be proactive:

  • BeginWithBath-BowWowFunTowneKeep your dog’s coat clean and dry.
  • Keep your dog’s coat well groomed and brushed. By doing that, dead hair won’t have a chance to build up, but will be removed immediately.
  • There are special grooming tools that can help you remove excess undercoat, where the problem can begin.
  • If you see mats beginning, take care of them right away…they seem to have a life of their own, because they just keep on growing if not removed.
    • Watch for mats any where hair can rub against itself and create a friction that will develop into a mat…such places as armpits, behind the ears, around the hips and the collar.

What to do if the mats are already established…

Whether your dog’s mats developed and you didn’t know what to do with them, or you just adopted a new best friend who came with mats already in place, you’re going to want to address and get rid of them right away. If the task is just too much to begin with, you may want to take your pup to a professional groomer, at least to get them under control. If it looks like something you can do, here are a few tips that will definitely be helpful:

  •  Some people think you should start by bathing and drying your pup first, while others think it’s better to save the bath until after de-matting. You might want to give both ways a try and see which works best on your dog. If you are going to bathe first, there are shampoos and de-tangling products that could be very helpful.
  • GroomingDog-BowWowFunTowneHaving the right tools for the job is half the battle. Spend a little time with a groomer or at a pet store, and choose the tools that will do the best job for your type of dog.
  • It’s helpful to apply some de-tangler before you begin brushing, by rubbing it into the matted area.. When it’s time to start brushing, work in small sections, and on small areas at a time, sometimes it might even be just a few hairs at a time, and always brush in the direction that the hair grows. Be as gentle as possible.
    • If the mats are really tight, you might want to try separating them with your fingers first, before using the brush…a wide toothed comb can come in very handy when you are working with your hands.
    • If a couple of mats are just impossible to separate, you may need to clip them out.
  • Unfortunately, some dog’s coats may have become so matted that it’s probably best to simply have him shaved and start fresh, then you can prevent the mats from taking over again.

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