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Senior Dog Care Tips


Have you noticed your dog may be slowing down a little, has maybe gained a few pounds, or is possible getting a bit gray around the muzzle? These are all signs that your pup is becoming a senior… Continue reading

Choose Dog Groomer


Fido is a member of your family, an important member, so if you are going to have someone other than yourself do his grooming, you will want to select just the right groomer, here’s how… Continue reading

Get Dog Ready For Spring


What should you be doing to get your dog ready for Spring and Summer? I have put together a few tips for you to do that will help your dog be healthier, cleaner, more comfortable and happier. Continue reading

Remove Dog Mats

Snarls, tangles, mats, knots…whatever you call them, they are ugly and difficult to deal with…and what’s even worse, they harbor fleas! So is there a secret to keeping your dog mat free? Continue reading