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Afraid Dog

Just like people, it’s not uncommon for dogs to have fears, things or situations they are afraid of. They could be afraid of noises, situations, people or a variety of different things. In some situations, a little fear is an okay thing, but…

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Leash Train Puppy

One of the enjoyable things about having a puppy is being able to take him/her on walks. Whether they are just down the street or out in nature, you both can get a great deal of enjoyment and exercise from them…as long as your puppy is leash trained.

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Socialize Puppy

The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy Wow! The world is a great big place out there, filled with all kinds of people, things, noises and smells. Through the eyes of a young puppy, this could be quite overwhelming. Is it any wonder they can become confused, overstimulated and act out a little bit. This is […]

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