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How Can You Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy?

HealthyDogCoat-BowWowFunTowneYou love your dog, and you want the very best for him/her, which means you want him to be in the best possible health.

One of the best ways you can gauge your dog’s health is by the health and appearance of his coat, which means you need to keep his coat looking good in order for it to give you a true indication.

Your dog’s coat is healthy if:

  • it doesn’t have a strong odor (that heavy “doggy” smell)
  • it is shiny – but not greasy
  • if it relatively soft – even a wiry haired dog’s coat can be soft

Your dog’s coat is unhealthy if:

  • the hair is brittle and dry
  • it’s greasy
  • there are bald spots
  • it appears dusty, not shiny
  • it’s dull and lifeless
  • there is excessive shedding

We all have bad hair days, but when your dog is having a bad hair day, it typically means that something is going on with his health.

Keep your dog’s coat healthy by…

  • It all begins with good nutrition: If Fido’s coat is dull, lifeless and seems to be shedding way too much, it could be an indication that he is not getting the proper nutrition. His diet should include plenty of protein, which is the main substance in his hair. His diet should also include digestible, fats and carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals. Consult with your vet for a good recommendation of what dog food will be best for your dog.
    • To make sure your pup is getting the nutrition he needs, you might consider giving him daily supplements. Again, consult with your vet.
    • Also, make sure his treats are nutritious and healthy.
  • BeginWithBath-BowWowFunTowneGrooming is an essential part of a healthy coat: 
    • Bathe your dog, but not too often…too frequent bathing leads to skin that is dry and possibly irritated. Once a month is probably adequate unless he has had too much fun in the dirt and the mud. Don’t use “people” shampoo on his coat…there are great products that are designed specifically for your dog.
    • Brush and comb his coat, it’s one of the most important parts of dog grooming. Depending on his coat, brush once or twice a week, and be sure you have the right tools for your dog’s type of hair…consult with a groomer for a recommendation on what would work best. Regular brushing removes excess hair, helps thin out thick undercoats, and promotes the distribution of his natural oils throughout his coat, which helps prevent tangles and gives his coat a beautiful shine.
  • If you are doing the above steps to keep your dog’s coat healthy and in good shape, but it still doesn’t look the way it should…it’s probably time to go see your vet to see if he is not well, remember, if your dog’s coat isn’t healthy, your dog may not be either.

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