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My Dog Is Shaking – Should I Be Concerned?

ShakingDog-BowWowFunTowneMany dog owners believe their dogs shake because they’re cold. So out come the blankets and the little coats and sweaters to warm Fido up.

And while this is very possibly the reason, there are many other things that will leave your pooch with the shakes and shivers.

Your dog may be shivering for a harmless reason, but sometimes it’s because  something more serious is going on, and your pup may need your help. So, if you’re reading this because your dog’s shivering is really concerning you, and her shivering is accompanied by convulsions, vomiting or diarrhea, stop reading and call your vet or animal poison control 888-426-4435 for immediate help.

Some of the common reasons for shivering…


  • ShakesFromAging-BowWowFunTowneBaby it’s cold outside… As most of us would guess, the temperature, inside or out, will cause your pup to shake, especially the smaller, short-hair breeds.
    • What could you do? Definitely provide your pup with a coat or a sweater, and a warm place to cozy up in. You may want to consider limiting her time outside when the temperatures are lower.
  • I’m so excited… Your dog may simply be overly excited or happy – her emotions might have gotten a little bit out of control because she is getting attention, having fun and extremely happy for whatever is going on.
    • What could you do? There is nothing you need to do in this situation, just giver her time to calm down. If this becomes a regular occurrence, you may consider rewarding your pup when she is calm and ignoring the hyper activity.
  • She’s so emotional… Dogs get emotional too, they experience fear, anxiety and stress, which can trigger shaking. Things like fireworks, thunder, alarms, car rides, chaos in the home, and many other stressors will get their adrenaline flowing.
    • What could you do? During thunderstorms, fireworks or other loud activities, you can provide your pup a safe, quiet place to shelter. When you have figured out what is upsetting your dog, you can begin training and desensitizing her to the triggers.
  • GrowingOlder-BowWowFunTowneIt’s hard growing older… Just as when humans grow older they sometimes develop the shakes, so can dogs. You’ll often see an elderly dog’s legs shaking, but don’t just chalk it up to getting old, your dog could be in pain due to bad joints or arthritis.
    • What could you do? Make an appointment with your vet to see if your pup has pain that can be treated with therapy or medications.
  • I don’t feel good… Your dog could be shaking because she is ill. Just like when you’re ill and you’re shaking and chilling, your dog could be reacting the same way. Those shakes could be a sign of distemper, inflammatory brain disease, kidney or liver disease or a variety of other illnesses.
    • What could you do? Look for all the signs and symptoms your pup may be experiencing, and call your vet.
  • What was in that… There are several things around your home that, if eaten by your dog, can be toxic and dangerous and cause tremors and shaking. Such things as chocolate, some sugar substitutes, cigarettes, and outdoor chemicals.
    • What could you do? Take great care that poisonous items are out of your dog’s reach. And if you think her shaking could be caused because she ingested something toxic, call your vet immediately or animal poison control 888-426-4435

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