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What You Should Know Before Boarding Your Dog

BoardYourDog-BowWowFunTowneIf you’re planning a trip and you can’t take Fido, what will you do with your pup while you’re gone? Of course, your first preference would be to take him to a good friend or family member who would care for and give him the same kind of attention that you would. But if that’s not a possibility, what are you going to do?

Your next option would be to take him to a doggy hotel, more commonly known as a boarding kennel. Luckily, there are many  kennels available, and Fido is sure to meet some new friends during his stay, but you are definitely going to want a kennel that will take good care of your pup. So the first thing you will want to do is start getting recommendations. You can ask your vet, your groomer, or your friends and family who have dogs. Another good place to look for references is online reviews that you can find on Yelp, or Google. Once you have the names of 2 or 3 kennels, you can begin the selection and preparation process…

Checklist for boarding your dog:

  1. LargeDogsPlaying-BowWowFunTowneStart the process early to be sure you are able to get reservations. Kennels get booked up quickly, especial during holidays, spring and summer.
  2. Find out which immunizations are required, and if dogs are checked for fleas or ticks. This is as important to you as it is to other dog owners.
    • Be sure you leave your pup’s medical record and any possible medications, along with any special instructions.
  3. Take a tour of the facility. Right now many kennels are not doing tours of their facilities, but when they do open up for tours again, these are some things you’ll want to look for…You’ll feel better about leaving your dog there if you’ve had a chance to:
    • Meet the staff and see how they interact with the dogs. See what the ratio of staff to dogs is, so you are sure your pup will receive enough attention during his stay.
    • Does the kennel look safe and secure?
    • Check for cleanliness…does it have unpleasant odors, is it well ventilated, is it sanitary (no dog poop laying around), is there good lighting.
    • SmallDogsPlaying-BowWowFuntowneSee the play area…is it set up for dogs of the same size to play together, check the play equipment and toys that are provided to see if they are clean and in good repair, and ask about how much time the dogs are given to play.
    • Make sure there is plenty of clean water available.
  4. Find out the fee schedule and what is included in it. What services would constitute additional fees?
  5. What will your dog eat? Do you bring his food or will food be provided?
  6. What about Fido’s personal items, can you leave a favorite toy or blanket?
  7. Find out what the procedure is in case of an emergency, such as an injury or illness.
  8. Can you check on your pup during his stay to see how things are going, do they offer a webcam, or do they send updates?
  9. Are other services available for while he is a guest…grooming, bathing or training.

If you have questions…ask them, in fact, ask as many as you need to so you will feel comfortable enough to leave your furry family member there.


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