Beauty services for your dog

Running out of time? We provide a full grooming service from a simple bath (BowWow Fun Towne (BWFT) wash to full body make over.

BowWow Fun Towne schedules one private grooming appointment at a time, so your dog will have our full attention and be ready for you to pick up in a timely manner.

BWFT Wash – One of our friendly staff will bathe your dog. We will wash your dog with your shampoo selection, condition, clean their ears and hand dry. Our BWFT wash includes nail clipping.
Most dogs start at $65
Extra big and fluffy dog starts at $75.
Price varies depending on the size and coat of your dog.
Please call at least 24 hours to schedule your appointment. Most dogs will be completed 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
“The Works – Extra Grooming Services – BWFT wash plus any of the following add-on services:
Shave pads and trim feet – $15 and up
Dremel nails – $20
Anal glands express – $18
Sanitary trim – $20 and up
Inner ear hair plucking – $15
Basic de-matting – $25 and up
“Tidy” trim around face, feet, feathers and tails – $20 and up
Basic full body shave/cuts – $30 and up
Tooth Brushing – $18
Prices will vary depending on the breed, size and coat of your dog. “The Works” are schedule appointment only. Please schedule your appointment early especially around the major holidays.

Things to remember prior to their drop off:
Grooming form – Grooming Form
Current shot records (DHLPP, Bordetella and Rabies is a must)
Allow them to potty outside before coming in
Give detailed instructions or bring in a picture (length of fur, skirt, ears, feathers, etc)

Pick up time:
Prior to departing BowWow Fun Towne, one of our staff will give you a rough time frame your dog will be ready. And as soon as your furry family member is done, we will give you a call to arrange immediate pickup.