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Puppy Preschool M-F 9-5

  • Who: 8 weeks to 24 weeks
  • Why do puppy preschool

    • socialize and interact with age appropriate dogs
    • ability to read and understand dogs body language from other puppies and adult dogs
    • introduction to novel items
    • sounds – city, household, fireworks, classical, construction, nature
    • socialize to all types of peoples
    • interact with well adjusted adult dogs
    • walk on different types of flooring, stairs and obstacles
    • daily handling
    • cooperative care
  • Training
    • foundations skills – targeting, attention
    • cues – sit, down, recall, leave it
  • Field trips – grooming area, pool area, some loose walking around “towne”, “vet” trips
  • crate training
  • potty training
  • feeding – all meals be provided in puzzles, food dispensing toys, snuffle mats to encourage foraging and mental stimulation

cost: $50 per day

Requirements: current shot records, fecal test that is negative and application

Articles to read
Sophie Yin view on Puppy socialization
American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior – Position on early puppy socialization position statement
American Veterinary Medical Association – Behavior society supports early puppy socialization

Puppy Social Hour – Sunday

Please bring your puppy to our Puppy Social Hour Every Sundays from 11am to 12pm, we let our puppies loose and mingle with other little puppies that are 8 weeks up to 6 months.  These puppy social hour is monitored by Mary or one of her staff.  Cost is $10

As you’ll see in our videos, we have a lot of fun…



Tips to Socialize your puppy

  • Well Socialized Puppies Become Well Adjusted Adult Dogs
  • Expose your puppy to new situations, things, people and other animals
  • Let them meet people – babies, small children and people in uniforms
  • Walk your puppy everywhere – Burke Gilman Trail, farmers market and street fairs
  • Desensitized them to household noises – vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, dryer and hand held tools
  • Expose them to bikes, scooters, skateboards, cars and other fast moving objects
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to teach your puppy using obedience
  • Handle your puppy daily from the family member and your friends

Requirement for Puppy Social Party

  • Puppy Social Party form
  • Current shot record
  • Negative fecal result within 30 days
  • Puppies between the age of 8 weeks to 6 months

What to bring
Puppy Social Party form (first time only) – Puppy Social Party Registration Form
Proof of current vaccination and fecal exam result within 30 days and annually
Poop bags