Halloween Dog Safety

How Can You Keep Your Dog Safe at Halloween?


There are many safety precautions that parents take with their kids at Halloween: trick or treating in groups, trick or treating in neighborhoods you are comfortable with, safety checking the candy before consumption, and some people have even gotten involved in a new tradition of either taking the kiddos to local businesses or participating in “trunk or treating”.

It’s just as important to take safety measures with your dog at Halloween, because dogs are fun to dress up, it feels safer taking your dog trick or treating (as long as your dog doesn’t get nervous or over excited), there’s all kinds of goodies left lying around the house, or because the noise and the “ghouls” make your pup nervous.

So, here are some safety tips for your dog at Halloween:

  • costume4Provide your dog with a “safe ” (quiet) place during the night’s activities.
    • Whether you’re hosting a party or just answering the door bell, the noise of goblins yelling trick or treat, the noise of a party, or people in strange costumes can upset your dog.
    • Halloween, like New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July, can be a very stressful night.
  • Protect your dog from decorations that could be dangerous to him/her or hazardous to your home. People are decorating for Halloween more now than ever before, and while it’s fun and festive, if you have a dog, decorations could cause a problem.
    • You certainly don’t want to leave Fido in a room with a burning candle.
    • Keep things like glow sticks, fake eyeballs, fake cobwebs up out of their reach…too many dogs may want to taste them and choke on them, or get poisoned.
  • Even if your dog is ok with the noise and the costumes, with the door opening and closing throughout the night, there is a chance he could escape, take off running and get lost…make sure he is wearing his ID. Better yet, if there’s a chance of an escape, keep your dog home and safe in his “safe spot”.
  • Kids aren’t the only ones who like treats…your dog can sniff them out better than anyone.
    • Make sure your kids understand the dangers of letting their “stash” be discovered by their dog. Teach them that gum, chocolate and other sweets can be a real problem if their dog discovers them and decides to eat them. Give them a safe, high place where their treats can be stored safely.
  • costume2Like to dress Fido in costume for Halloween?
    • Be aware of his reaction to the costume, he may not think it’s as great as you do…don’t force him to do something he is not comfortable with. Pay attention to his body language, such things as his ears folded down, a tucked tail or walking hunched over, are sure signs of your dog’s disapproval.
    • Choose their costumes carefully…
      • Avoid masks, which not only will make them nervous, but can block their vision.
    • Make sure costumes don’t restrict your dog’s movements or breathing.
  • Have some of your dog’s favorite treats on hand, they’re good for him, and could come in handy if one of his friends comes trick or treating to your home.

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