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Tips For Successfully Adopting Your Dog From a Shelter

DogAdoptedFromShelter-BowWowFunTowneIt’s estimated by the ASPCA that 3.3 million dogs each year find themselves in an animal shelter, out of which there are about 1.6 million that are adopted. Which leaves about 1.7 million not adopted, and unfortunately most of them must be euthanized. (Humane societies and other shelters are working toward eliminating euthanasia by 2025)

So, if you are ready to adopt a dog to share your home and life with…my advice would be to avoid pet stores who often get their dogs from puppy mills (which is a subject for another time), and remember, there are lots of dogs in shelters…lots of great dogs! The other thing you need to remember is that shelter dogs aren’t always there because they have behavioral problems, many are there because of things like this:

  • The owner has to move and can’t take their dog with them.
  • The owner can’t continue to provide the dog with good care, possibly because of finances.
  • Someone in the family has developed allergies.
  • The dog’s owner may have passed away and there is no one else who can care for the dog.
  • Sometimes dogs get loose, and then get lost, and can be picked up by animal control, who then takes them to a shelter (this is a perfect reason for having your dog mico-chipped or at least wearing great identification).
  • There are personal issues in the family that can’t support having a dog.

Why adopt a dog from a shelter?

First and foremost, you’re giving a dog a 2nd chance to have a forever home and family, in fact, you may be saving his/her life.

  • AdoptedDogs-BowWowFunTowneYou can find all kinds of shapes, sizes, ages and breeds in a shelter, even purebreds. who may or may not come with AKC papers…but maybe that’s not important to you, perhaps you just like the breed and the temperment of the breed.
  • You may probably find some very affectionate dogs in a shelter, due to the fact that they have been surrendered by people they love, and are ready to love a new family.
  • Most shelters give new dogs health and behavioral evaluations when they come in, so they can let possible new owners know if there are any special needs.
  • Most dogs that are surrendered to shelters are between the age of 5 months to 3 years of age…considering the fact that the average age for a dog in the United States is 12 years old, they still have a lot of life and love left.

Tips for a successful adoption…

Whether you find your new pup at a shelter or a breeder, your goal is to successfully bring home your family’s new “best friend”. You should have no doubt whatsoever in your mind that this is a permenant addition to your family…if it’s not, adopting a dog is not for you. All the decision makers in the family should agree that adding a dog to the family is a good thing, and that they are on board for all the fun, responsibilities and sometime inconveniences. Everyone should go together to choose the new pet.

  • If you plan on adopting from a shelter, go online and check out the shelter you will be going to, see what their adoption requirements are, check out their reviews, and see what dogs are currently available there.
    • AdoptingDog-BowWowFunTowneIf you already have a dog, see if it’s all right that you bring him along to see how the two react to each other.
    • Don’t be shy, ask questions about the dog you are considering, knowing everything you can will make the decision and the transition go easier.
  • Understand the financial responsibility of a dog…
    • veterinary cost which include checkups, vaccinations, spaying or neutering
    • food
    • doggie accessories such as toys, leash collar, treats
    • licensing and possibly micro-chipping for identification
    • socializing and training
  • Don’t be discouraged if when you get your new dog home, he acts frightened and hides for awhile…you need to remember what he has just experienced…he was abandoned at a strange place by the people he knew, he was put in a cage in a place with strange smells and sounds, and now he is coming into your home, it may take him a little while to adjust – your patience and love can make all the difference.
  • Help your dog’s adjustment by creating an organized routine for him, one that he can count on…make sure he is fed at the same time and in the same place, give him a comfortable and regular place to sleep, take him for walks or exercise on a regular basis. This will establish a routine that he will grow to accept and which will lessen his anxiety.

At BowWow Fun Towne, dogs are our business, and our friends, and we understand how important your dog is to you.

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We take your dog’s safety seriously and are dedicated to assisting you and providing the best care for your dog while you’re away.

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***The dogs pictured on this blog post are wonderful, happy dogs, and have been adopted from shelters.

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