Senior Dog Care Tips

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Senior Dog

My face may be white but my heart is pure gold. There is no shame in growing old.” – unknown

SeniorDogCare-BowWowFunTowneHave you noticed your dog may be slowing down a little, has maybe gained a few pounds, or is possibly getting a bit gray around the muzzle? These are all signs that your pup is becoming a senior.

Just like humans, aging is a normal process for dogs. Different breeds and sizes of dogs age differently and at different rates, but they all age.

Being able to have your dog reach his/her senior years is a great blessing…you’ve enjoyed his companionship for so long. But now it’s important that you understand how to care for him as a senior, by making subtle changes to his routines, care, environment or food, that will help him continue to enjoy life and be as healthy as possible.

Caring for your senior dog…

Each dog’s needs and requirements are different, but little changes can make a big difference. Be sure to talk to your vet about what she would recommend in all things.

  1. ActiveSeniorDog-BowWowFunTowneKeep your dog active – There is nothing better for your aging dog than to keep him moving and active. It will help him maintain his weight, muscles and healthy joints. This doesn’t mean you have to take him out to catch Frisbees, but daily, length appropriate walks are excellent. If this is a new routine, start slow and let your dog’s stamina build up gradually.
  2. Feed your dog age-appropriate food – Your dog’s health will be better as he ages if he is eating a well-balanced diet. And it can help him maintain a healthy weight. There are foods designed for senior dogs that are fewer in calories and lower in fat, while giving him the nutrition he needs. Your vet may suggest supplements in order to maintain the nutrition he needs.
  3. Have regular visits (at least semi-annually) to your vet – When Fido was younger, going to the vet once a year was usually enough, but as he ages, he can become more prone to various illnesses or ailments. Regular visits can help him stay healthier and happier.
  4. AgingDogDentalHygene-BowWowFunTowneKeep your dog’s mouth healthy – Ideally you should clean your dog’s teeth daily, but most dogs and dog parents aren’t a big fan of this routine. But there are dental treats and toys that you can give him, and when you take him to the vet or the groomer on a regular basis, they can do the cleaning for you.
  5. Maintain regular grooming – Whether you like to do the grooming yourself, or you prefer to have it professionally done, grooming is a big part of good health. As your dog ages he can develop a dry brittle coat, and/or dry, flaking, irritated skin. Regular brushing and haircuts, along with baths using a mild shampoo can ease the dryness and irritation, while keeping his coat looking good..
  6. Spend time with Fido – Just because he’s aging, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time with him. He is used to having attention from you, and if that changes, he can grow anxious and afraid. This is a good time to go for rides in the car, walks on the beach or on a gentle trail, or go for an outing at a park.

Every white hair is one day of experience in being the very best friend you’ve ever had.” – Jaymi Heimbuch

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