In-Home Pet Care

In-Home Pet Care

Are you going on a vacation, work long hours or gone for the weekend?

You don’t want to send your dog to a doggy day care or a kennel?

Then hire a dog walker/pet sitter.

Why hire a dog walker/pet sitter? For the love of your pet . . . . .

  • Your pet will exercise daily to stay healthy
  • Your pet will receive individual attention and lots of tender loving care
  • Regular exercise will help reduce destructive behavioral problems – digging, barking, chewing
  • Your pet stays in its own familiar environment where they will feel safe and secure which reduces stress and separation anxiety
  • Daily routine of potty breaks, diets and exercise are followed keeping them on their regular schedule
  • This service is best for very young dog, older dogs, dogs that don’t do well with other dogs

Areas I cover are Kenmore, Brier, Bothell, Lake Forest Park and Mountlake Terrace but please feel free to contact us if your area is close by.


 I do all the traveling so your pet will be home to greet you when you return

Services and Rates:


I offer off-leash park excursions on Mondays and Wednesday to Magnuson off-leash dog park. These park excursions are a great opportunity for your dog to interact with other dogs and get plenty of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They are allowed to run off-leash, swim in fence rivers, chase balls or Frisbee or play with me. When your dog arrives back home, they will be ready for a doggy nap. Trips to the park are only for dogs and puppies that are obedient, non aggressive and comfortable around large groups of dogs.

Trip includes:

  • Pick up and drop off your dog at your home
  • 60 – 90 minute excursions at the park
  • Pick up will start around 9:30


1 dog – $25.00    


My visit will provide your pet with warm, personal care in your home. In-home pet service is a stress-free alternative for pets who don’t tolerate a traditional boarding facility, doggy day care or those who need extra attention. I will provide your pet with all the essential necessities in their familiar environment which will reduce stress, prevent canine disease and curb their destructive behavior problems around the house. They will feel safe and secure while you are out. Ideal for new puppies, elderly dogs, cats, small animals or multiple pet family.

Visit can consist of:

  • Dog walk
  • Playtime, food & water, potty breaks
  • Administration of medications and supplements
  • Retrieve mail and newspaper
  • Place garbage and recycling out for collection
  • Water plants
  • Crime deterrent measures


30 minute visit – $25.00 per visit

walking 2 or more dogs – $15.00 each



You house will look lived-in while you are gone. Overnights sleep over provide your pet with all the comforts of being home without leaving their safe haven while maintaining their daily routine. Ideal for new puppies or kittens, multiple pet family or any pets who like a warm body to sleep next to or just to have company.

Sleep over consist of:

  • Playtime, food & water, potty breaks
  • Personal attention
  • Unlimited love
  • Walk in the morning




The following dates will require a $5 holiday surcharge for any day service and $15 for overnight sleep over per day:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day weekend (Friday – Monday)
  • 4th of July weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday – Monday)
  • Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday – Sunday)
  • Christmas week (Dec 24 – Jan 1)