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Tips For Hiring A Great Dog Sitter

DogSitter-BowWowFunTowneWhen you are a “pup parent” and you’re getting ready to go on a vacation that doesn’t include Fido…who are you going to trust to take care of not only your dog, but your house?

Finding a dog sitter isn’t always easy to do, but because your dog is an important part of your family, and it’s important for his/her well-being and your peace of mind, you want to make the right choice.

Many people today promote themselves as dog sitters, but you don’t want to hire just anyone, so a good place to begin looking is among your friends or family, who you know loves dogs and who would be reliable. Another good way to find a good dog sitter is to get referrals from people you know and trust who have hired dog sitters for their own pooch. You can also ask your groomer or veterinarian for recommendations.

These tips will help you choose your dog sitter…

  1. MeetDogSitter-BowWowFunTowneBefore hiring someone, have them come to your home for  a visit.
  2. Watch how he/she interacts with your dog, and how your dog reacts to her.
  3. Ask for recommendations.
  4. Get to know the individual a little bit by asking these types of questions:
    • Does she have a dog of her own?
    • What kinds of experience has she had with dogs similar to yours?
    • What things is she comfortable/uncomfortable doing with, or for your dog, such as giving medications or cleaning up possible accidents.
    • How often and how long will the visits last, and what will she do with your dog when she is there?
    • What kinds of attention and exercise will your dog experience?
    • What is her fee?
  5. DogsSocializing-BowWowFunTowneSet rules that you’re comfortable with, in regards to…
    • driving your dog places
    • socializing with other dogs
    • where or where not your dog should be taken
    • how behavioral problems should be dealt with
    • whether or not the sitter should have friends with her while at your home
  6. Share any idiosyncrasies your dog may have, and what verbal or hand cues your dog is accustomed to.
  7. Whatever instructions you have in regard to your home or your dog, be sure to write them down so there is no question about your expectations.

BowWow Fun Towne does dog sitting or is a great place to board your dog while you travel.  We have staff that will do in-home care for all your pets.

We are experts in dog day care, we care about your dogs and take their health and well-being seriously. Our facility features a full size swimming pool for fun and exercise.

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