BowWow Fun Towne will be open 7 days a week for all services starting August 3rd 

BowWow Fun Towne will resume all services (day care, boarding, puppy preschool, swimming pool and self wash) starting August 3rd. We will take extra precaution to keep everyone safe and healthy. We will require all customers to wear face covering and maintain social distance. BowWow Fun Towne staff are required to wear mask and daily temperature will be taken. Lobby will be disinfected hourly. Curbside drop off/pick up is available. Please watch the video for proper protocol of conducting business at BowWow Fun Towne.

BowWow Fun Towne has gone to the dogs… We are a doggie daycare where a dog can be a dog.

At BowWow Fun Towne your dog will enjoy spending time with his/her friends, getting great exercise and being cared for by human friends who love dogs and enjoy interacting with them. While you’re gone, you can rest assured that your dog is not only happy, but feels secure and is continuously receiving positive reinforcement and training throughout the entire day as we practice basic cues.

We believe in offering your pup positive reinforcement and enrichment in a fun learning environment, by rewarding him with a marker (clicker) and treats to reinforce appropriate behaviors. Your dog will love being with our employees, who take the time to stimulate him with interactive obedience cues and while offering plenty of opportunities to socialize with other pups. Doggie Daycare is not just about dog-sitting, we’re here to support you in your efforts to have a well mannered pet!

We believe the goal for the best doggie daycare should be to provide both physically and mentally stimulating activities for your pup…to keep him active and learning throughout the day.

BowWow Fun Towne is your local neighborhood dog day care where your canine pals from many locations: Brier, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Bothell, Lake City, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Seattle & more! We provide the following services: dog day care, boarding, self wash, full service grooming, doggie swimming pool and a pet store — BowWow Fun Towne is a total care facility for your very best friend!

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Dog Beat Heat

How Can You Help Your Dog Beat The Heat?

HotDog-BowWowFunTowneAs summer temperatures begin to rise, now is a good time to put some safety precautions in place to help your dog beat the heat…

Something that many people may not think about is that when it comes to hot weather, dogs, unlike humans, don’t have a built in cooling system. They don’t sweat through their skin, allowing them to cool down, rather they sweat through glands in their paws. So it’s easy for them to become overheated, get heat exhaustion and even suffer a heat stroke.

It’s up to you to help your pup get through the summer heat comfortably and safely.


Tips to help keep your dog cool when it’s hot outside…

  • DogDrinkingWater-BowWowFunTowneFirst and foremost, Fido should always have access to clean, fresh water. If you are outside and away from home, you’ll probably take water for yourself, be sure you take some for your dog as well. Without plenty of water, Fido could easily become dehydrated.
    • Cool water is definitely preferred over room temperature, adding an ice cube or two can cool it down nicely.
  • This should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway…NEVER leave your dog in the car, even if the windows are left open a bit. Your car can be 20° hotter inside than it is outside. If you are going somewhere that you can’t take your dog with you, the safe thing is to leave him/her home.
  • If your dog is outside a lot, make sure he has access to plenty of shade throughout the day. If Fido has a dog house, don’t consider that a place for shade and cooling off, inside his dog house, which has no air flow, can get hotter than the outside temperature.
  • DogInKiddiePool-BowWowFunTowneLet your pup do a little splashing…he will not only enjoy playing in the sprinkler, but will also have fun in a plastic kiddie pool. (A word of warning, don’t leave him alone in the pool, be on hand to play with and supervise him.)
  • Grooming your dog properly during the summer months is an important precaution…many people think if they shave their dog’s coat off it will help keep them more comfortable. But that isn’t the case, too short of a coat may lead to sunburn, and some dogs’ coats actually help regulate their body temperature, acting as insulation and helping restrict excess heat from getting to them. Brush your dog’s coat well to get the winter undercoat off, and maybe just a small trim to remove excess hair.
  • If you want to take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood, be sure to check the temperature of the pavement to make sure it’s not going to burn his paws. You should touch the sidewalk with your hand for a few seconds…if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for him.
  • We all enjoy a nice frozen popsicle or ice cream now and then, and so will Fido. Treats that are not only cold, but good for him are: dog-friendly ice cream (found at pet stores), banana popsicles, frozen broth cubes, frozen peanut butter and frozen yogurt.
  • Bring your dog to BowWow Fun Towne for a nice refreshing swim in our full size swimming pool.

Have a great summer!

We are experts in dog day care, and we care about your dog and take their health and well-being seriously – We have a Puppy Preschool that would be great to enroll your pup in! Our facility features a full size swimming pool for fun and exercise.

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