BowWow Fun Towne will be open 7 days a week for all services starting August 3rd 

BowWow Fun Towne will resume all services (day care, boarding, puppy preschool, swimming pool and self wash) starting August 3rd. We will take extra precaution to keep everyone safe and healthy. We will require all customers to wear face covering and maintain social distance. BowWow Fun Towne staff are required to wear mask and daily temperature will be taken. Lobby will be disinfected hourly. Curbside drop off/pick up is available. Please watch the video for proper protocol of conducting business at BowWow Fun Towne.

BowWow Fun Towne has gone to the dogs… We are a doggie daycare where a dog can be a dog.

At BowWow Fun Towne your dog will enjoy spending time with his/her friends, getting great exercise and being cared for by human friends who love dogs and enjoy interacting with them. While you’re gone, you can rest assured that your dog is not only happy, but feels secure and is continuously receiving positive reinforcement and training throughout the entire day as we practice basic cues.

We believe in offering your pup positive reinforcement and enrichment in a fun learning environment, by rewarding him with a marker (clicker) and treats to reinforce appropriate behaviors. Your dog will love being with our employees, who take the time to stimulate him with interactive obedience cues and while offering plenty of opportunities to socialize with other pups. Doggie Daycare is not just about dog-sitting, we’re here to support you in your efforts to have a well mannered pet!

We believe the goal for the best doggie daycare should be to provide both physically and mentally stimulating activities for your pup…to keep him active and learning throughout the day.

BowWow Fun Towne is your local neighborhood dog day care where your canine pals from many locations: Brier, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Bothell, Lake City, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Seattle & more! We provide the following services: dog day care, boarding, self wash, full service grooming, doggie swimming pool and a pet store — BowWow Fun Towne is a total care facility for your very best friend!

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Dog New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions For You And Your Dog

DogNewYearsResolutions-BowWowFunTowneWhether you have set your own New Year’s Resolutions for yourself or not…it’s never too late to add a few that include your dog. Your pup may not realize that he/she would like or benefit from the resolutions you may set for him, but trust me, he’ll like them, because they will make him healthier, happier and in better shape.

So what kinds of resolutions can you set for your fur baby? January is National Train Your Dog Month…which goes right along with setting some goals…what aspects of Fido’s training could use a little work? Keep in mind, that whatever goals you set for him, they are your goals too, because you will need to help him accomplish them.

Resolutions for you and your dog…

  1. Keep your dog a little bit leaner – If your pup has put on a couple of extra pounds, and you’d like him to be leaner and healthier, your resolution could be to find out what is recommended for healthy feeding, and then begin measuring every meal. You may think you’re not overfeeding, but eyeballing how much he gets per meal is seldom accurate, and it’s amazing how much a little extra here and there can put on the pounds.
  2. Choose the right food – Along with feeding him the right amounts of food, it’s important to give him the right kind of food – the food with the proper nutrients for your dog’s age and activity levels. While older dogs may use less energy and need less food, young pups are full of energy and need more. Talk to your vet to get his/her recommendations.
  3. FunActivities-BobWowFunTowneIntroduce a new activity – Teach your dog a new trick…discover a new activity you can both participate in this year. Add some variety to life…It could be starting new doggy playdates, hiking, swimming, taking an agility class or going to an off leash park. There are so many fun things you can do together that will help you bond, have a good time and get some good exercise.
  4. Take to the veterinarian on a regular basis – It’s so much better to stay on top of Fido’s health than make an emergency visit to the vet,because something that could have been prevented, but went unnoticed and caused problems..
  5. MaintainGrooming-BowWowFunTowneMake sure his grooming is up to date – Having your dog groomed, whether you do it or hire someone to do it, is not only more comfortable for your dog but also healthy.
    1. Keeping his nails trimmed – there’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking on nails that are too long.
    2. Regular baths – keeps your dogs skin and fur healthy and not itchy.
    3. Teeth cleaning – prevents oral infections and pain.
    4. Ear cleaning – helps prevent ear mites and other ear problems.
  6. Find a good doggy daycare – Rather than leave your pup home alone for several hours at a time…find a good daycare where he can have fun with other dogs and have human interaction. You’ll both feel better when you have to leave.

At BowWow Fun Towne, dogs are our business, and our friends, and we understand how important your dog is to you.


We are experts in dog day care – We have a Puppy Preschool that would be great to enroll your pup in! Our facility features a full size swimming pool for fun and exercise.

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