BowWow Fun Towne has gone to the dogs… We are a doggie daycare where a dog can be a dog.

At BowWow Fun Towne your dog will enjoy spending time with his/her friends, getting great exercise and being cared for by human friends who love dogs and enjoy interacting with them. While you’re gone, you can rest assured that your dog is not only happy, but feels secure and is continuously receiving positive reinforcement and training throughout the entire day as we practice basic cues.

We believe in offering your pup positive reinforcement and enrichment in a fun learning environment, by rewarding him with a marker (clicker) and treats to reinforce appropriate behaviors. Your dog will love being with our employees, who take the time to stimulate him with interactive obedience cues and while offering plenty of opportunities to socialize with other pups. Doggie Daycare is not just about dog-sitting, we’re here to support you in your efforts to have a well mannered pet!

We believe the goal for the best doggie daycare should be to provide both physically and mentally stimulating activities for your pup…to keep him active and learning throughout the day.

BowWow Fun Towne is your local neighborhood dog day care where your canine pals from many locations: Brier, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Bothell, Lake City, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Seattle & more! We provide the following services: dog day care, boarding, self wash, full service grooming, doggie swimming pool and a pet store — BowWow Fun Towne is a total care facility for your very best friend!


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Dog Hiking

Get Ready to Go Hiking With Your Dog…

The minute Spring and Summer weather hits, for many people it’s time to get outside and go on a hike – get some good exercise, get some fresh air, and enjoy the scenery…If your’re not already taking your dog with you, I’ll bet he/she would love it just as much as you do.

If you’re new to hiking with your dog, you’re in for a treat, not only will he love to go with you, but it’s good exercise for him, and he makes great trail companion. But before you and Fido hit the trails…

Be Prepared and Know Good Trail Etiquette

So much of what’s important to know is good common sense, and applies to many aspects of life with a dog, so what you already know, use this as a reminder and consider the rest as new information for a more pleasant experience.

  • If your pup is young, wait until he is old enough for the adventure. It might be a good idea to visit your vet before you go and make sure all his vaccinations are current and his bones are fully developed. Also, keep in mind, small pups are too small to carry packs on their backs, so consult with the vet before strapping one on him.
  • DogsInStream-BowWowFunTowneIf your dog is older than pup, make sure he is in good shape to go hiking, which simply means that he is used to physcial activity and is used to having some type of exercise on a daily basis. If you want your dog to carry a pack, make sure it is not overloaded, the weight is balanced and that it fits correctly.
  • When you choose the trail you’d like to blaze, make sure you are going to a dog friendly location…some are not. Here is a list of 9 dog friendly trails that are located near the Seattle area.
  • Be sure your dog is well-versed and compliant in obedience commands. And always have your dog on a leash…
    • The last thing you want is for Fido to get away from you and get lost
    • The last thing you want for others on the trail is to be irritated or afraid of an off-leash dog. Hikers without dogs of their own should be given the right of way.
  • You have probably packed food and water for yourself and any other fellow hikers, don’t forget to pack for your pup…he will need plenty of water, food and snacks are always a welcome treat. Take plenty of trail breaks, especially if it’s sunny and warm, to make sure you are both well hydrated.
  • Don’t forget to prepare yourself as a good pet owner, by bringing plenty leave no trace supplies, which can consist of plastic bags to carry out what your dog has left behind, or if you’d like, you can carry a small spade and bury it.
  • Avoid letting Fido chew on wild plants that may be toxic for him.
  • Dogs can get injured on the trail as well as humans, so it’s good planning to carry a pet first kit.
  • Once you have returned to the trail head, now is a great time to check your dog for ticks, burrs and cuts.

Hiking with your best friend can make many great memories and build wonderful relationships as long as you are well-prepared.

At BowWow Fun Towne, dogs are our business, and our friends.

We are experts in dog day care – We are starting a Puppy Preschool…it will be great to enroll your pup! Our facility features a full size swimming pool for fun and exercise.

We take your dog’s safety seriously and are dedicated to assisting you and providing the best care for your dog while you’re away.

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