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Dogs and Holidays

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Dog

Although I posted this article a while ago, with the holidays here, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit the information.

Dogs and Holidays - BowWow Fun TowneMany people want to include their dogs during their holiday festivities…and although this is a great idea, there are some things that could prove hazardous to your “best friend”.

As you look around your home, be aware of the extra decorations and treats that are everywhere during the holiday season. Things that are fine and safe for you, aren’t necessarily fine and safe for your dog.

Keeping your canine friend safe:

  • Holiday Pet Safety - BowWow Fun TowneWhile protecting your Christmas tree from your dog (or your cat), you need to also protect your dog from your tree.
    • Make sure the tree is secure and won’t fall over.
    • The water in your tree, though inviting to your dog, isn’t good for them to drink, it may contain fertilizers and bacteria.
    • Keep electrical cords tucked away to prevent electric shock.
    • Broken ornaments can cut mouths and throats.
    • A favorite on Christmas trees is tinsel, but if “Fido” eats it, it could get stuck in his throat or even in the digestive tract.
  • Burning candles left unattended is a “sure-fire” way to increase the risk of having them knocked over by wagging tails, causing damage and injury.
  • If eaten, mistletoe and holly are dangerous to your pet, they can cause, vomiting, nausea or diarrhea, and even more extreme…cardiovascular problems.
  • When it comes to food:
    • Chocolate should never be eaten by your dog; chocolate is toxic to them and sometimes fatal.
    • Be careful of your pet’s holiday feast, if you do indulge them in “human” food, be sure that it is not high in fat, sodium or sugar.
    • Be vigilant to protect your dog from turkey bones.
    • Safety Tips for Dogs - BowWow Fun TowneNever, never, never give alcoholic beverages to your pet. Although some people may think it’s comical, it’s toxic for your dog.
  •  Choosing a gift for your dog’s stocking is fun, just make sure you choose one that’s safe.
  • New Years Eve is fun for you, but not for your dog…the noise frightens them and hurts their ears.


Holiday celebrations are really enjoyed more by people than pets…they really won’t care if you don’t involve them. But if you choose to include them in your celebrations, watch out for their safety.

From everyone here at BowWow Fun Towne…have a wonderful and safe holiday!


If you’re traveling for the holidays, call now to reserve a friendly place for your dog to stay…reservations are filling up fast.

***originally published 12/5/12

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